(Victor Cruse) 


Forged in the Sheffield steel mills from a solid ingot of high tensile carbon steel, Vic can smash a concrete slab with one foot while singing a  lullaby and not miss a note.  His love of the Scottish Highlands has  earned him the nickname 'Hamish' and he proudly dons the kilt of his  spiritual forebears at many an oportunity.  His determination to stick to  tradition even on the windiest of days led to his secondary nickname  'last turkey in the shop'.


(Pete Bishop)

Pete was born in a mushroom field, in Birmingham which we assume is the reason he has such extensive knowledge of funghi and also why he thinks he is related to Ozzie Osbourne.  Pete's ability to recall even the most trivial facts is legendary the length and breadth of Dronfield valley bottom, and what he doesn't know about our native flora and fauna isn't worth knowing. If it grows in a hedgerow Pete will make it into chutney.A staunch supporter of English folk songs, he's on a one man mission to revive four hundred years of socio-political ditties; woe betide anyone who thinks Waltzing Matilda has anything to do with our Antipodean cousins.By far the most educated member of the band, Pete went to university where he studied everything that is known to man.  He insists on explaining things in great detail which as you can imaginte takes a while (the stammer doesn't help matters much).Please don't ask Pete a question related to geography, history, science, religion, politics, maths english or mushrooms after he has had 8 pints of Chezzie Best.


(Jamie Burney)


Jamie spent a lot of his early life in an open cast mine, not working you understnd, no it was tho only place he was allowed to practice his fiddle playing.
The shortest member of the band by several feet, massive has an unusually large head and when not fiddling or drinking he is likely to be found in the nearest milliner’s seeking the Holy Grail of headwear: an oversized Bowler hat.
Jamie's first job was working as a hod carrier for lego, but this didn't last long and he was dismissed for building a full size pub in the middle of the factory floor.  He now works as a bouncer for mothercare.

The Boy

(Rob Andrews)


The youngest member of the band. He is young and hansome and talented. Thats all we wish to say on the matter. We are not bitter or jealous in any way shape or form.

It's all true, honest